Disabled・Elderly dentistry

Disabled dentistry
Our hospital is committed to the prevention of oral diseases in children and children with disabilities.
He has been studying at Showa University Dental Hospital, Japan Dental Society for the Disabled, Japan Society for Autism Spectrum, and has been treating many people.
In cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Oral Health Center (Iidabashi) and Shibuya-ku Higashi Health Plaza Clinic (Ebisu), we strive to provide better medical treatment for patients and medical care to support their lives. Please feel free to consult. ※ Parking lot available

Elderly dentistry
In addition to treating cavity, dentures and prostheses (coverings), oral hygiene guidance will help prevent respiratory infections such as aspiration pneumonia and improve eating and dysphagia. The goal is to enjoy conversation.
This hospital is a designated clinic in Shibuya Ward for free "Adult Dental Health Examination" (20-70 years old) and "Oral Function Maintenance Improvement Health Examination" (75-90 years old). Please use